Why Exam Prep?

Exam Prep manuals give you the tools you need to pass your next certification, promotion, or training examination. By practicing with the same type of multiple-choice questions on the actual exam, you will be able to identify weak areas you may have and adjust accordingly.


The manuals follow the Systematic Approach to Examination Preparation, developed by Dr. Ben. A. Hirst, to help improve test scores. The practice exams were written by fire and emergency services personnel and validated through current reference materials and technical review committees. Your exam performance will improve after using this system.


Exam Prep manuals include:


•   Practice examinations

•   Self-scoring guides with page references to multiple textbooks for further study

•   Winning test-taking tips and helpful hints

•   Coverage of current NFPA standards

•   References most up-to-date study materials from leading publishers

•   Includes test-by-test reading lists and feedback

•   Removable tests and answer forms

•   Revised every 30 months


Benefits of the Systematic Approach to Examination  Preparation include:


•   Emphasizing areas of weakness

•   Providing immediate feedback

•   Learning material through context and association

Available titles include:


•   Exam Prep: Fire Fighter I & II

•   Exam Prep: Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations

•   Exam Prep: Fire Officer I & II

•   Exam Prep: Fire Dept. Pumper & Aerial Operator

•   Exam Prep: Fire Instructor I & II

•   Exam Prep: Fire Inspector I & II

•   Exam Prep: Structural Collapse & Confined Space Specialist

•   Exam Prep: Paramedic

•   Exam Prep: Emergency Medical Technician


Other titles coming soon:


•   Exam Prep: Medical First Responder

•   Exam Prep: Fire Officer III & IV

•   Exam Prep: Ropes & Rigging

•   Exam Prep: Hazardous Materials Technician

•   Exam Prep: Vehicle Extrication & Trench Rescue

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