February 2019 - Fire Exam Prep
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a PERfORMANCE Training Systems, INC.TM company 561-277-9396


Performance Training Systems, Inc. (PTS) is the leading source for fire and emergency medical services preparation. We provide the tools necessary to pass certification, promotion, selection, and training examinations – and have for more than 20 years. Our up-to-date exams are written, validated, and continually updated by fire and emergency medical services personnel who represent 170 fire departments, and fire academies. Our test banks are used by 106 certification agencies, 360+ fire departments, and 127 fire academies worldwide. With 39 test item banks, composed of over 19,000 questions, our system provides the perfect foundation for your success.

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Firefighter Exam Prep

Thinking About How to Prepare for the EMS Exam?

Tips on How to Prepare for the EMS Exam 

When you’re looking to take your EMS exam, chances are you’re a little nervous. If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of Americans are looking to take the EMS exam, and there are tips and tricks scattered throughout the internet. At Performance Training Systems, we offer a unique way to study for your future test. First, however, we’d like to give you a few tips on how to prepare for the EMS Exam, and how to better answer the multiple-choice questions that will come your way. Some of them may be self-explanatory, but nonetheless, these tips are what will help you achieve your goals! 

Sit in Front During Class: How to Prepare for the EMS Exam 

It seems silly, but did you know that students who sit in the first or second row actually get better grades. There are a few studies that support this idea, and the number one reason why is because students in the front tend to pay more attention. The distractions are lessened the closer one can sit to the front of the classroom. Whether you’re in a class studying for your exam or you’re taking the test, try to sit somewhere front and center.  

Don’t Skip Out on Assignments 

If you’re offered any assignments while you’re studying for your EMS exam, don’t skip out on them. This means that any homework is good homework, as it gives you the opportunity to learn something new. Chances are what you see in assignments are going to similar to what you will see on the exam. 

Handwrite Your Notes 

Another common way for students to remember things is to handwrite their notes. Very few people have a photographic memory, so most people will need to jot down the information in order to retain it. While you read through your textbook, see if there is anything that seems to stick out. From there, you can start building your mental bandwidth to understand what you’re reading, as opposed to a monotonous voice-over in your mind.  

 Sleep Sleep Sleep 

While studying can become overwhelming and consuming, it’s essential that students don’t skip out on sleep. Thousands of sleep studies show that those who get more sleep answer test questions better or perform better in school. Your brain will need rest to keep up with the endless information trickling in.  

Use Performance Training Systems’ EMS Exam Prep

At Performance Training Systems, we offer a unique way to get a handle on your future EMS exam. Our downloadable printable or digital test offers real-life practice. From there, you can check your answers to see how many you got right, and which you’ll need to work on. If you’re ready to become a leading firefighter in your city, check out our website today at https://firefighterpre.wpengine.com. We have over 20 years of experience, and our assortment of questions are validated and updated often to ensure that they are up to date and useful. Don’t walk in blindly to your EMS exam. Instead, secure your future with a method that will help you flourish. Contact our team today at (561) 277-9396 for more information.

We Offer Great EMS Exam Prep

Be Prepared with EMS Exam Prep  

Are you studying to be a firefighter? Are you nervous about your EMS exam? There’s no need to worry! With EMS exam prep at Performance Training Systems, you can get ready for your future career. The EMS is a challenging test, but with our help, we’re sure you can pass with flying colors. Since 1996, the Firefighter Exam Prep is one of the most sought after fire and emergency preparation services. We aid in numerous ways, but primarily our goal is to offer the tools you’ll need to be successful. Some of our services include prep, promotion, selection, and training. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about working with Performance Training Systems, and what you can expect for our team along the way.   

Stay Up to Date with Your EMS Exam Prep 

At Performance Training Systems, we follow the Systematic Approach to Examination Preparation or SAEP. Developed by the founder of our company, Performance Training Systems, Dr. Ben A. Hirst offers a way to excel at your test, whether they’re written or performed. Our exams are continuously updated so that those going into the field will have current knowledge of what they’ll be up against in the real world. We also offer digital and print versions, and they are directly targeted towards finding a person’s weakest place and providing strength. The multiple-choice test will give way to what the individual will need to work on, and how to better prepare for the exam. 

Now that we know a little more about the prep for EMS, what can you expect from Performance Training Systems specifically? Our instructions are simple. First, you can choose from a printed or an online preparation test. Once you have the digital or printed material, you can start answering away! By understanding what you’re not excelling at, or what areas need more practice, you can center your attention on overcoming those hurdles. When it comes time to take the real EMS exam, you’ll be ready for anything! 

At Performance Training Systems, we have over 20 years of experience. Since the beginning, we’ve been looking for a way to bring knowledge and success to the future of firefighting careers. We know that it’s not easy to study, especially when you’re going in blind! That’s why we’re giving you the chance to review prior in a unique and special way. Our tests are validated by fire and emergency individuals who come from over 170 fire departments or academies. Our 39 test item banks, alongside our compositions of 19,000 questions, can give you an endless supply to pull from. 

If you’re ready for your EMS exam prep, trust the experts today at Performance Training Systems. We’re prepared to help you become the best version of yourself possible. Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from reaching your goals. Practice makes perfect, and with our team, you have all of the answers you’ll need!  For more information, reach out to our team at (561) 277-9396.