April 2019 - Fire Exam Prep
a PERfORMANCE Training Systems, INC.TM company 561-277-9396
a PERfORMANCE Training Systems, INC.TM company 561-277-9396


Performance Training Systems, Inc. (PTS) is the leading source for fire and emergency medical services preparation. We provide the tools necessary to pass certification, promotion, selection, and training examinations – and have for more than 20 years. Our up-to-date exams are written, validated, and continually updated by fire and emergency medical services personnel who represent 170 fire departments, and fire academies. Our test banks are used by 106 certification agencies, 360+ fire departments, and 127 fire academies worldwide. With 39 test item banks, composed of over 19,000 questions, our system provides the perfect foundation for your success.

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Firefighter Exam Prep

Where Can I Get Test Prep Help for My Firefighter Exam?

If you’ve chosen a career as a firefighter, you know you have many challenges ahead of you. It can be a long and intensive process but worth every minute, since you’ll be helping people and that’s definitely something to be proud of. As you begin your journey towards becoming a firefighter, there are a few things you’ll need to do along the way to gain a competitive edge. Apart from the physical training and exam you’ll have to endure, there is also a written test that you must pass in order to obtain your certification. Basic subjects like reading comprehension, math, grammar and spelling will be covered, as well as many elements that relate to the firefighting profession – like spatial orientation, deductive reasoning, observation and memory. If you’ve been up nights worrying if you’ll even pass the written exam–put your fears to rest. Performance Training Systems can help! Our comprehensive tests have been praised as the leading prep exam course throughout the United States. We guarantee it will provide you with all the skills and tools you’ll need as you prepare to take your firefighter exam. Trust us to be your teacher. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we know what’s going to be on the test. Performance Training Systems covers an extensive range of topics and skills you’ll definitely be required to know.

Why We Offer the Best Firefighter Prep Test Around

At Performance Training Systems, our 20 years of solid experience have made us a national leader in firefighter and EMS prep testing. Since the beginning, we’ve been looking for ways to bring knowledge and success to the future of firefighting and EMS careers. We know that it’s not easy to absorb all of the information that you need to know in just a few weeks. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to review and take practice tests prior to your exam. Our tests are validated by fire and emergency individuals who come from over 170 fire departments and academies. Our 39 test item banks, alongside our compositions of 19,000 questions, give you an endless supply of prep tests and study aids to choose from.

Performance Training Centers offers firefighter prep tests that are guaranteed to help you succeed. Simply put, we aim to put you in front of the competition and that means we push you to achieve higher scores on your actual test. So, whether you plan to take the firefighter or EMS test, call us today and let us help you in your journey towards a successful, fulfilling future. Contact Performance Training Systems today at (561) 277-9396. We want to help you succeed!

Where Can I Find the Resources to Help Me with My EMS Career?

Congratulations on your decision to become an EMS professional! You’ve chosen one of the most important and valued professions in the medical field today. If you’re hoping to learn as much as you can and excel in this fast-paced field, you should take advantage of the many resources that are available to you. Perhaps you should check out an online EMS prep test course from Performance Training Systems. Our tests and methods get you the results you’ll need to help you succeed.

A leading source for fire and emergency medical services preparation, Performance Training Systems is dedicated to helping individuals who choose to work in the field of firefighting and EMS. For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing the most comprehensive testing services in the emergency medical and firefighting fields. Our goal is to prepare you from day one so that you can ace your tests and make the most of your unique skillsets. Our widely used test banks will provide you with the perfect foundation for your success.

How Can an Online EMS Exam Prep Help You Succeed in Your Career?

Are you interested in taking an online EMS prep exam? Then we have everything you need to succeed. Performance Training Systems provides all the tools necessary to help you pass certification, promotion, selection and training exams. We help pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and determine what you excel at. Through our Online EMS Prep exam, you’ll also be provided with the techniques to help you master all your course subjects.

Just Follow These Three Simple Phases and You’ll Be Sure to Ace Our Online EMS Prep Course:

Phase 1 – Initial Exam: You’ll be prompted to register and purchase your materials. Next, you’ll receive an identification number and password to access your initial exam. This first exam covers every part of the National Fire Protection Association Standard. It is designed to determine your current knowledge level and build upon it for the future. A very helpful part to this process is that once you take this exam you will receive feedback on your missed and incorrect answers.

Phase 2 – Exam 2: This next exam repeats about 25 % of the initial exam combined with new, more difficult questions. Our recommendation is that you pay close attention to the questions where you scored the lowest and study that material thoroughly for the next exam.

Phase 3 – Final Exam: Congratulations! Now, let’s review this final phase. Phase 3 also has a 25% overlap of the first two exams and includes additional test items from the section where you scored the lowest and where you have proven to be weaker in the process.

Our motto is “prepare, practice, and excel.” These are the standards we live by in teaching our training courses. After all, once you’re out there in the field, you’ll be expected to excel in every aspect of your new EMS career. Remember, lives will be on the line and you want to be an exceptional contributing member of your EMS team. So, don’t wait. Contact Performance Training Systems at (561) 277-9396. We want to help you succeed!